Angry Birds Holiday

Project Details

Angry Birds Holiday was a free-to-play tycoon/farming game for mobile devices. In this game, the player (referred to in-game as the Boss) was to run a tropical island resort, where piggies would come and relax, in hopes to leave their egg cravings behind. The game also had a profound social element, allowing players to send piggies to each other for greater rewards, communicate via in-built chat feature, and more.

I was fortunate to join the project during a major design overhaul, during which the game really started to take shape. I designed, scripted, and implemented a reusable template for all service extension story quests in the game. In addition, I worked on crafting and explorer systems, both of which were planned to be major features of the game. I also had a chance to work on quest dialogues, level design and prop placement.

Client:Sproing Interactive Media & Rovio Entertainment
Date:November 30, 2016