Robot Mutiny

Project Details

The main intention of this single player level, was to deliver fast-paced first-person shooter combat, reminiscent to the games from the 90s and early 00s era. Most of the areas within the level are open, forcing players to engage their enemies head on, thus preventing camping or combat stalemate. Some areas also have multiple entrances, thus providing somewhat more varied, non-linear experience.
The entire level was created mostly using the stock assets (and couple of assets from that shipped with UDK at the time of making. Since the example asset library in UDK is not nearly as vast as the one in found in the old Unreal Editor, achieving the worn-out industrial look, which can be seen in the level, was somewhat difficult. However, being somewhat limited also forced me to make a lot of creative decisions about asset usage and placement. In the end, I feel that I achieved the look and feel I was aiming for.

Date:November 27, 2013