Unannounced MMO RTS

Project Details

MMO RTS vertical slice demo created for Wargaming in 2017. Players were able to switch between two perspectives: bridge view, and RTS view. While in bridge view, players were able to explore the bridge in third person and interact with their crew. RTS view was reminiscent of traditional RTS games, offering a tactical overview of friendly and enemy units. Screenshots shown here were captured on the bridge of a human flagship space vessel.

My responsibilities included: Enlighten Realtime GI setup, optimization, materials and shaders.

Team members: Nick Talmers Nieuwoudt, Luuk Warringa, Yevgen Novosilskyy, Martynas Cesnauskas, Julius Ragaisis, Andrius Gricius, Vitalijus Zukas, Andrius Zaksauskas

Client:Legion Tech & Wargaming
Date:June 5, 2017